Mobile plastic floor for temporary walkways. Possibilities are endless: temporary floor for marquees, roads,outdoor events....

Rola-Trac Lite

Our latest innovation offering a brilliant budget priced option for commercial, professional and domestic settings.


Creates a firm surface for walkways, roadways, temporary building and structures. 

Supa-Trac Lite

As a ground covering, Supa-Trac Lite ™ combines incredible durability and strength with ease of use.


A single component heavy duty access system enabling vehicular traffic over inhospitable or soft ground.


I-Float is an I-Trac accessory and is a modular pontoon system that can provide a stable surface to operate on.


The Banzai Barrier ™ is a new and totally unique barrier system. The Terra-Bolt is a truly ground-breaking new system enabling users to anchor all manner of items in place safely and securely.


07 / 2012

Festival Bažant POHODA 2012

Pohoda Festival was founded in 1997 as a one-day event and gradually developed into the most visited open-air multi-cultural event in Slovakia.

07 / 2012

Preparation of festivals Topfest 2012 and Pohoda 2012




Rola-Trac™ is great for commercial, professional and domestic use. The options are endless; tent/marquee flooring, walkways, patios, pet areas, outside displays, pitch coverings. Any use where protection between ground and user is required. Available in two grades and seven colours to suit any need. Edging ramps allow easy wheelchair access and eliminate trip hazards.


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